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Who I am?

I’m a storyteller

Don’t count on me to rehash old clichés like « I stumbled into photography when i was nine or my father was addicted to photography, blah, blah, blah . »

Let’s say that I am a keen photographer.  I love taking… astronomy photos. NASA has even published some of them. But hush! Let’s be modest. What link is there between astronomy and a wedding picture, you might ask? None. Although I wouldn’t be against taking a wedding picture on the moon.

How does video fit in all that, you might ask again? Well, reread the paragraph just above and replace « photography and picture » by « video »
By the way, I could have told you that I worked for ten years for an international company as Manager of the Multimedia Division. If you are interested, we can talk about it when we meet.
If you are interested, that is.  But mainly, we’ll talk about you.
See you soon.

In your opinion who speaks best about it?



Aurélia, Matthieu, Vy & Patrice tell you through WV&P’s lens about their own experience. These are precious testimonies as they express their difficulty finding a filmmaker for the big day as well as the pleasure of developing a relationship based on trust with the filmmaker who spent that very special day with them.




It is not that simple to look natural when a stranger hangs around and keeps watching you with a camera in his hand. Yet if you watch WV&P films, you will see people smiling, people laughing, people looking happy, people crying. In short, people true to life.




What makes a good photo?
I’m afraid I don’t have the answer. What I know is that in order to take good wedding pictures, you have to be deeply involved in what you are doing. You must keep in mind that the photos you will take capture and freeze unique moments.  These photos will pass from one generation to the next gaining emotional value with time. They will show facial expressions or emotional moments, but they will also bring back memories.




Am I crazy about weddings?
Yes, absolutely. And not just about weddings. I have traveled extensively in France, from North to south, and East to West and I have shot several weddings on four continents. People and cultures fascinate me. And so does technology, simply because it helps me capture special moments and make wonderful pictures.



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